Landscaping Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Did you know landscape design can be aesthetically pleasing and functional as well? At Pieper Landscaping, we design your landscape that serves both purposes.

Functional and Aesthetic Services

Great landscaping adds value, curb appeal, and substantially enhances the beauty of your home.
Your landscape design should highlight and compliment architectural features of your home, creating aesthetically pleasing looks throughout.
To ensure this, we will choose plants and trees which are easy to maintain and create a beautiful outdoor space for you. Adding boulders, rock walkways and stone borders, enhance the landscaping even more.

Other Services

Let us mow your lawn so you can focus on spending time with your friends and family during the weekends, not to mention staying out of the Texas heat.
Our services include professional tree trimming, pruning, tree removal and stump grinding services, ensuring your lawn gets the sun it requires to thrive. This will help promote healthy trees and lawns.
Let us be your one stop shop for all of your lawn maintenance and landscaping needs.
Call us today, and we will take care of your outdoor spaces!